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The studio was founded in the year 2005 and also is an official audio production house for Qyuki in Mumbai, which is founded by Shekar Kapoor and A.R Rahman. Further, in the year 2009 is when the academy came alive through the passion carried by Ram Prashant (CEO) in the field of DJing and Electronic Music Production. 
Resonance Academy is a full-fledged digital music house, having over 500 students who have been a part of the Academy. We train students on DJing, Electronic Music Production, Audio engineering and vivid short term courses like Live Music Production, Machine, Mixing & Mastering, etc. 
Our Faculties here have extraordinary knowledge in the stream and have been a part of big stages like Sunburn, Supersonic, GO Madras, Reset who are not just Dj's but producers and engineers as well. We also have Students who have been a part of properties like : Sunburn, Supersonic, GoMadras, Krank. 
Our very own DJ student but a self-taught producer Samprukth Mohanty a.k.a Fake tattoos, 5amp previously has an innate international artist support like Tiesto, DJ Juicy M to name a few for his own productions and remixes, who also started his own recording company GOLDEN MOON RECORDINGS. 
Our Dj students have gone out and played at big venues & Famous clubs/festivals, and opened for big DJ's/Artists/Producers like Zaeden, Nikhil Chinapa, Rohan Kapoor to name a few.
We have also curated our own event called the "Resonance Open House". It usually happens once every 3 months and it's an event that caters to anyone who is interested in music and arts. At this event, we have workshops on various platforms connected to music, arts, performing arts, band culture, and a chance to see what actually happens at a Recording studio space. 

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, you can! Flexible terms for monthly installment payments are available on almost all of our dj and music courses. Please head over to our Contact Page to send us a message for more details.
Cash / Bank Transfer. You can pay the amount before the first lesson starts. Visit our academy or shoot us a message!
We have a flexible class schedule. For your convenience, we are also available on weekends. So Yes, you'll also receive lessons on the weekends as well.
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Few words about @resonance

R esonance presents your services with flexible, convenient and multipurpose layouts. You can select your favorite layouts & elements for particular projects with unlimited customization possibilities.

This program is designed to help you discover your own identity as a producer and recording artist and develop a stunning professional-grade portfolio of tracks that will enable you to find your ideal place within the music industry.

Here at resonance we believe in perfomance,creativity and results.Our dedicated team of producers,musicians,DJ’s and sound engineers have constructed 3 courses each specializing in a critical area of music production that are a constructive, practical, and comprehensive and enables the students to master a deep theoratical and practical knowldege of the creative process of writing, recording, mixing and mastering your own music from start-to-finish.

If a career in music production & sound design is what you're looking for, call an Admissions Officer now or contact us via this form to guide you through the enrollment process.